Green Street News Cast

Episode 1 of Season 2 with Damon and Griffin hosting. Segment discussion with Jesse and Julius

Ms. Johnson's First Grade

1st grade French (Ms Johnson's class). Students are reading a page from the book they just made (La Chenille), based on A Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Mrs. Carignan's Kindergarten

Once a month family volunteers lead a nature class for us through the Four Winds program. This month we learned all about leaves

Mrs. Carignan's Kindergarten

We made pumpkin lanterns with our this grade buddies during the PBIS celebration. Practicing our sight words during choice time.

Mrs. Carignan's Weekly Newsletter

This week we began a new literacy unit. We are exploring the theme How Animals and Plants are Unique. This week our essential question was How are Flowers Unique? We read Flowers by Vijaya Khisty Bodach. Our vocabulary words, which appear in the book and weekly song, are seeds, buds, bloom, fruits, stem, petals. Also during literacy this week we focused on the sounds the letters T, M, and A make, the high frequency words have, is a, to, am, I, little, the, and that when you add the letter /s/ to a “person, place, or thing” word it means more than one. During math we started a new unit on comparing length, height, and weight. So far students are learning how to compare using the phrases, sho

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