Student Senate

Student senators helped load over 800 pounds of food donated by the green street community into the bus at hannaford's on Friday 12/15. This community service project was part of wtsa's project feed the thousands. Thanks to the entire green street community for their support and generosity in helping our hungry neighbors.

After School Poetry

Our After School Poetry Club had a poetry reading for families and friends on Monday 12/11. The second and third graders did a lovely job sharing their creativity and voices with our audience.

Miss Manwaring's 3rd Grade

Releasing our monarch butterfly that we watched go through its life cycle. It started as an egg and we watched it become a caterpillar, form a chrysalis, hang in a J form, and come out as a butterfly!

November Reading Raffle winners

, Sylvie, Iris, and Logan, enjoying their new books from Everyone's Books and lunch at Brattleburger. Remember to turn in your reading logs every week for a chance to win!

Miss Cyr's 5th Grade

Fifth grade has had a great time researching planets, drafting brochures, and now creating models!

Miss Ali's Second Grade

We had to design hats to help us stay protected while stranded on a desert island!!! We talked about what properties would be helpful. We came up with; a stiff brim to block the sun, soft and light since it goes on your head and should be absorbent due to sweat and possible ocean waves!

4th Graders

Fourth graders solving student generated work in math enrichment class

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