Sixth Grade Team


L to R: Caitlin Campbell, Matt Neikirk, Kelly Pacheck, Joni Bonello, Amir Flesher. 

Classroom Teacher:

Matt Neikirk

Matt Neikirk moved to Vermont from Little Rock, Arkansas in 2003.  He started his teaching career in Little Rock by teaching second grade for four years.  He has also taught pre-K, fifth, worked as an academic support teacher in grades first, second and fourth.  Matt has taught sixth grade at Green Street for seven years.  


He received a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Elementary Education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  


Matt is a very active person and enjoys many outdoor activities.  Some of his favorites include: running, mountain biking, cross country skiing, and swimming.  He also loves traveling, spending time with his family, music, and reading.  


Matt incorporates his enthusiasm and energy into his classroom.  He creates a fun filled, engaging, and motivated classroom environment.  

Classroom Teacher:


Caitlin Campbell

Miss Campbell loves teaching at Green Street Elementary School. She lives in Keene, New Hampshire and graduated from Keene State College with an undergraduate in Elementary Education and her Masters in Special Education. In the past, Miss Campbell has worked as an Academic Support Teacher, Third and Fifth GradeTeacher. 


Her favorite subjects are science and reading. She is always reading at least one book. Her favorite part of teaching is building relationships and creating a community within her classroom.


Hiking with her two year old black lab named Bennett, traveling and spending time with friends and family are some of her favorite things. She loves adventures and her latest adventure was flipping a house. In the past year she has learned to install flooring, run electrical and became a pretty great painter. She is looking forward to a great year!