Administrative Assistant

Maureen Hart

Miss Mo (Maureen Hart) stumbled happily into a position at the Superintendent’s Office back in 2006. But when she learned that an Administrative Assistant position had opened up within our district, at Green Street School, she was eager to make the move, so that she could enjoy the energy of the children and staff of this great school.


Mo’s background is in Theatrical Education, and after her daughter goes to college next year, she’ll get back into to performing in community theatre productions once in a while.

Office Clerk


Mark Speno

Mark Speno has been the principal of Green Street School since 2014. Under Mark’s leadership Green Street School has transformed into a school of excellence that has led the Green Street School community to grow and thrive each school year. In 2020 Mark was recognized by receiving the National Distinguished Principal award from the National Association of Elementary School Principals  and was also recognized as Vermont Principal of the Year by the Vermont Principals association.

With the development of many new initiatives, Mark has worked closely with the Green Street School staff and community.  As a result, student and family engagement has dramatically increased and Green Street School has turned into a dynamic and engaging community.


Some of the major initiatives since 2014 include:


-Development of MTSS (Multiple Tiered System of Support) school structure:  At Green Street School all students participate in whole class tier 1 math and literacy daily lessons.  Every student also participates in a daily tier 2 block of instruction that is targeted toward literacy intervention or enrichment in small groups.  Every student also has a Tier 3 WIN (What I Need) block of time built into their schedule for additional targeted intervention or enrichment opportunities.  Along with amazing arts instruction and whole class science and social studies instruction, Green Street School has built a dynamic school structure which aims to meet the needs of all students.


-Research based programming changes including:  K-6 Reading Street literacy program, Eureka Math program and ECRI (Enhanced Core Reading Instruction) in the primary grades.


-Math Co-teaching:  Every tier 1 math lesson taught at GSS is delivered by two certified teachers allowing for the maximum ability to differentiate for all students.


-Peer observation model:  GSS teachers regularly observe each other teach and provide feedback for growth.


-Major technology upgrades including interactive whiteboards in all instructional spaces and the availability of 1:1 devices for all students.


-Development and growth of After School Programming:  70% of GSS students actively participate in many different after school programs throughout the year including:  Tutoring, running club, school musical, clay club, mural painting, global games, book club, MakerSpace, Kamishibai, guitar, fishing club, Zumba, poetry club and more…  GSS offers more variety in after school programming than any school in the area.


-Building, playground and grounds development:  Since 2014 the Green Street School building and grounds have undergone many major projects and updates to accomodate for a terrific daily school day experience.


Green Street School’s core beliefs include:

  • Student needs are our top priority

  • Embrace a “Can Do” attitude with no excuses

  • Collaboration and teamwork are essential to our success

  • Innovation. Always look for new, creative and dynamic ways to do our work.


“Eliminate average and strive for excellence in all that we do at Green Street School”

Deborah Soule-Schiller

Deborah Soule-Schiller relocated from Tempe, Arizona to Brattleboro, Vermont 17 years ago with her husband and 3 daughters. 

Mrs. Schiller has been providing support for students, families, and staff at Green Street School since 2003. She enjoys balancing her position as a para-educator in 2nd grade, as well as providing assistance as the front office clerk before and after school.


Mrs. Schiller is an Arizona State University graduate with a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education. Her hobbies include yoga, gardening, and volunteering in the community.