Green Street School Garden Program

GSS pioneered the 1st of the Brattleboro School Gardens in 2006 when the school received a Strolling of the Heifers grant to create a garden.  Now part of the SHACK Committee, The GSS Garden Program aspires to learn from Mother Nature to collaboratively have fun growing food & green space for us all to enjoy being healthier happier human beings.


With a heart centered ecologically minded approach, the GSS Garden Program focusses on developing Diversity: Growing Native & Pollinator plants, perennials, annuals, edibles, fungi & flowers, aesthetics, Integrating gardening into the school culture & classroom curriculum & growing relationships within our local & global community.


Spring Activities: Spreading soil & manure, Seed sowing, Planting Starts, First harvests of short cycle crops- Lettuces & Radish, Planting Native Shrubs & Flowers


Fall Activities: Harvest, Kale, Floral Arranging, Open House BBQ GSS Flowers & Mint Lemonade, Monarch Butterflies, Boys Sit Spot & Tulip planting for The Tulip Trot, Pestos


Summer: Rapid Growth, Flowers, Cucumbers, Pollinator plants, Calendula, Herbs for Yalla Restaurant & Heirloom Peas


Winter: Mulch Hay, Sprouts- Jar grown mixed salad sprouts, Flat grown Sunflower sprouts & Sauerkraut, The Jr. Iron Chef

Thank you to:

Local Restaurant Yalla VT

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Edible Brattleboro donated 3 pear trees.

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Donations from Walker Farm

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Perennial support of Food Connects

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Vermont Community Garden Network support & grants

stay tuned for more on this summer's special support & funding from food connects & rise vt

To start new partnerships with local organizations;

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Green Street School Gardeners Group

Contact: Tara Gordon