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Green Street School Garden Program

GSS pioneered the 1st of the Brattleboro School Gardens in 2006 when the school received a Strolling of the Heifers grant to create a garden.  Now part of the SHACK Committee, The GSS Garden Program aspires to learn from Mother Nature to collaboratively have fun growing food & green space for us all to enjoy being healthier happier human beings.


With a heart centered ecologically minded approach, the GSS Garden Program focusses on developing Diversity: Growing Native & Pollinator plants, perennials, annuals, edibles, fungi & flowers, aesthetics, Integrating gardening into the school culture & classroom curriculum & growing relationships within our local & global community.

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The link to the Food Connects site for families to register/sign up is:   

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Summer Garden Art Series


I'm happy to be announcing this & so appreciate this opportunity to be collaborating with all mentioned below & looking forward to enjoying our great GSS garden with you all!


This summer, alongside the open garden hours at schools, students and parents will be able to participate in a variety of art activities in school gardens. The River Gallery Art School, The In-Sight Photography Project, and The Human Art of Play will all be offering fun art and garden-based activities throughout the summer. Create a bug poster, learn about cyanotype art, and join in on circus yoga. All activities are free and supplies are provided. Students must be accompanied by parents who are welcome to join in the fun! The Summer Garden Art Series is a collaboration between Food Connects, RiseVT, WSESD, and Tara Gordon, summer garden coordinator.


The Growing Resilience Campaign link is: 

Growing Resilience recognizes the Brattleboro community's overwhelming desire to garden, and makes it easier for everyone to access the resources necessary to pursue gardening during this post-COVID growing season.


Spring Activities: Spreading soil & manure, Seed sowing, Planting Starts, First harvests of short cycle crops- Lettuces & Radish, Planting Native Shrubs & Flowers


Summer: Rapid Growth, Flowers, Cucumbers, Pollinator plants, Calendula, Herbs for Yalla Restaurant & Heirloom Peas


Fall Activities: Harvest, Kale, Floral Arranging, Open House BBQ GSS Flowers & Mint Lemonade, Monarch Butterflies, Boys Sit Spot & Tulip planting for The Tulip Trot, Pestos


Winter: Mulch Hay, Sprouts- Jar grown mixed salad sprouts, Flat grown Sunflower sprouts & Sauerkraut, The Jr. Iron Chef

Thank you to:

Local Restaurant Yalla VT

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Edible Brattleboro donated 3 pear trees.

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Donations from Walker Farm

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Perennial support of Food Connects

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Vermont Community Garden Network support & grants

stay tuned for more on this summer's special support & funding from food connects & rise vt

To start new partnerships with local organizations;

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Green Street School Gardeners Group

Contact: Tara Gordon

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